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Right at home in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

Shawn Eric has been practicing and performing his magic and entertainment skills for over 40 years!  Originally from Ohio, Shawn worked as a demonstrator for Haine's House of Cards magic shop and began honing his magic at restaurants, parties, and festivals such as the Taste of Cincinnati.  Traveling and working in New York City, Boston, and New Orleans, Shawn sought out master magicians Slydini, Derek Dingle, and Cellini to learn the fine art of magic & street performing (1984-85).

After a summer season at King's Island amusement park (1986), Shawn moved west to Arizona to begin a new phase of his career. He performed as a magic bartender at James Place, a magic themed restaurant in Scottsdale.  Escaping the heat, he spent several summers in Boulder, Colorado with Johnny Fox, master sword swallower, living the magic mountain lifestyle and performing at the Pearl Street Buskers Academy.  During this time, Shawn performed at numerous western festivals and fairs, many of these events on a repeat basis such as the Tempe Arts Festival.

In the late 1980's, Shawn also began visiting the Magic Castle and the Academy of Magic Arts in Los Angeles where he met and practiced with Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, and a host of top magicians.  After a session and performance in the Castle's Parlor and Close-up Gallery, the Professor Dai Vernon kindly shared these words about Shawn...

A fantastic performer whose coin work is remarkable!
Shawn is always ready to entertain a crowd at festivals and fairs.

In the early 1990's, Shawn began taking his show to the streets and festivals in Europe.  Based with his mentor Cellini in Zurich, Switzerland at his school, Zauberlauden, Shawn was able to ride the rails and perform his shows in different cities at the drop of a hat. From Oslo to Rome, from Berlin to Paris, Shawn visited many cities and shared his magic for several summer seasons.  The Albani Festival in Winterthur and the Theatre Specktackle in Zurich were two of the most visited events.  From these early experiences, Shawn learned how to entertain all kinds of audiences in the most challenging of venues.

The winters in Arizona shaped another side of Shawn's career, the corporate and hospitality markets.  Living in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Shawn has entertained at all kinds of corporate events and parties over the past 25 years.  Since tourism is such a big market, Shawn has kept busy as a "hospitality entertainer" at many of the top resorts in the Valley of the Sun.  Shawn performed as a magic bartender at the Bouders resort (1992-93), as well as the original Carefree Inn (1987) and the infamous Treehouse for several seasons.  Then Food and Beverage manager for the Boulders, chef and owner of Tarbell's Restaurant, Mark Tarbell commented...

We've had wonderful guest response! Shawn's fun presentation and casual style make him a special addition to any function. I highly recommend Shawn.





Currently, Shawn is living his dream of being a consummate professional magic entertainer.  He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts and a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Holllywood, California.  Shawn is also the house magician at the Rustler's Rooste Restaurant at the Arizona Grande Resort in Phoenix.  With his enthusiastic charm and strong magic, Shawn's experience and versatility enable him to connect with and entertain audiences of all kinds.  He is a dedicated professional who loves magic and loves his audiences!  Shawn has established a quality reputation and has excellent referrals & reviews on Gigmasters and Yelp.  He's a member of a network of magic entertainers committed to customer service and excellence in performance.  Shawn's mission is to entertain your guests with the very best magic... Impossible!

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